Many marquee heaters have laid dormant for circa 12 months and as we come out of the 2020 Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic we are aware that our repair service department is getting a constant flow of calls to attend heaters that won't start after the Coronavirus lockdown. We have realised the many...

Biemmedue Arcotherm EC55 Service Maintainance

From £0.65 per day*

Check Fuel Tank for Water Contamination
Check & Adjust Fuel Pump Pressure
Check & Clean Photocell
Check Operation of Solenoid Coil
Clean Fuel Pump Filter
Clean & De-coke Burner Diffuser
Fit New Danfos Nozzle
Fit New Electrodes & Re-Set
Fit New Fuel Filter Filter Kit
Vacuum Check Fuel Lines
Smoke Test Exhaust
Heat Output Test
Thermostat Operation
PCB Control Box Seal
Check Ducting Condition
Test Motor Current Draw

Low Cost EC55 Marquee Heater Rental