Space Heater 40kw - 220,000 BTUs For Hire

From £31.84 per day*
Space Heater Hire

40Kw - 220,000 BTU - Very high output diesel or kerosine powered heater. Suitable for any applicaton where tremendous heat is required very quickly. Ideal for heating large marquees, warehouses, or any large space which requires heating quickly and economically via trunking venting through a diffuser. Fuel type: Diesel. Fuel consumption: 5.6 litres per hour in continuous mode. ** Although this heater is rated 6.8 litres per hour consumption, in reality you should expect fuel consumption to be much less, around 2-3 litres per hour, as the unit switches on and off automatically via its thermostat. 1300 x 540 x 675 mm Weight: 76.36 Kilos.
 Price indicated is for singular hire.