LPG Gazebo & Tent Heater

From £32.44 per day*

Ideal for small tents and gazebos:-
3m x 3m
4.5m x 3m
6m x 3m
9m x 3m

  • Requires 19kg LPG Propane
  • Wheels NOT included on the size 80
  • Versatile indoor and outdoor placement of heater
  • Direct-fired = 99.97 percent fuel efficiency
  • High volume of air output for maximum heat distribution
  • Dependable, electronic spark ignition
  • Tri-shield finish
  • Easy to transport
  • Vent mode for circulation of air
  • Clean burning
  • Quick warm up - no cool down cycle
  • Very efficient heating of the space
  • No fuel spillage
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic spark ignition system
  • Remote thermostat included
  • Self diagnostic control
  • Certified to CE standard
  • Air circulating only facility included
  • Safe and efficient source of heat
  • 25kW (80000Btu/h) input rating
  • 45-50 dB low noise level