Dear Fellow Trader,

I hope this message finds you well. As we transition our business focus outside the hospitality, leisure, and events sector, we find ourselves with an excess of high-quality catering supplies that are no longer essential to our operations.

We are offering a...

Arcotherm EC22 Marquee Heater Hire

From £32.23 per day*

EC22 Heater Specification
Heating Capacity: 19kW / 65000 Btu hr
Airflow: 550m³ / hr
Heat Efficiency: 84%
Tank Capacity: 42 litres
Fuel Consumption: 2 Litres / hr
Electrical Power: 300W
Dimensions: 615mm x 440mm x 1075mm
Dry Weight: 40kg
Wet Weight 82kgs
Voltage: 240v

Low Cost Marquee Heater Rental