Many marquee heaters have laid dormant for circa 12 months and as we come out of the 2020 Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic we are aware that our repair service department is getting a constant flow of calls to attend heaters that won't start after the Coronavirus lockdown. We have realised the many...

EC32 Indirect Marquee Heater Hire

From £26.89 per day*

Indirect marquee heater requires 13a/16a supply.


Heating Capacity 28kW / 99,000 BTU/Hr
Weight 48kg
H × W × D 67cm × 44cm × 121cm
Suitable Area 390m³
Noise Rating 74dba
Tank Capacity 42 litres
Consumption 4 litre per hour
Runs continuous for 10 hours
Runs longer with thermostat
Fuel Type Filtered Clean Burn
Thermal Efficiency 87%.
Total weight including full tank 90kgs.
Choice of ducting & diffuser packs
Hose Length 3m or 7.6m
Hose Diameter 300mm

EC32 Space Heater Hire