Many marquee heaters have laid dormant for circa 12 months and as we come out of the 2020 Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic we are aware that our repair service department is getting a constant flow of calls to attend heaters that won't start after the Coronavirus lockdown. We have realised the many...

Arcotherm EC32 Marquee Heater Hire

From £26.88 per day*

Indirect Marquee Heater
Heater Dimensions 1175mm x 400mm x 605mm
Heater Weight Dry 48 Kg
Heater Weight Wet 100 Kg
Heating Capacity 29 kW
Heat Efficiency 84.6 %
Air Flow 1,150 m³/h
Air Temperature 75 °C
Fuel Consumption 3.0 l/Hr
Tank Capacity 42 Litres
Continuous Use Calling for Heat 14hrs
Electrical Power 370 Watts

Requires :-
Full Tank Full charged Pay as you Go on Return based on 3 litres per hour.

Low Cost Marquee Heater Rental